Make a Difference: Volunteer with GSA

Volunteers are the heart of the Gorlin Syndrome Alliance (GSA). Our volunteers provide a range of support — from helping other community members understand their diagnosis, to increasing awareness of the impact of Gorlin syndrome locally and nationally, to raise money to help GSA accomplish its mission.

There are several ways to get engaged with the Gorlin Syndrome Alliance:

Raise funds to support research

Volunteering for the Gorlin Syndrome Alliance is fun for the whole family.

Hosting a grassroots fundraising event in your community is a fun way to raise money and awareness for Gorlin syndrome. Learn more about DIY fundraising events with the Gorlin Syndrome Alliance.

Share your story

Let others know how Gorlin syndrome affects your life and the lives of those whom you love. Telling your story helps raise awareness about the impact of disease on the individuals who have it. Start by sharing your story with the GSA at

Lend your talent

Are you a graphic designer? Do you have marketing experience? Do you have a background in social work or counseling? There are many ways you can share your professional skills with the Gorlin Syndrome Alliance. Contact us at to get started.

Got an idea for a volunteer job not listed here? Contact us and let us know.