Severe PATCHED1 Deficiency in Cancer-Prone Gorlin Patient Cells Results in Intrinsic Radiosensitivity  
Adeline Vulin, PhD,* Melissa Sedkaoui, MS,* Sandra Moratille,* Nicolas Sevenet, PhD,y Pascal Soularue, PhD,* Odile Rigaud, PhD,* Laure Guibbal, MS,* Joshua Dulong, MS,z Penny Jeggo, PhD,x Jean-Franc¸ois Deleuze, PhD,k Je´roˆme Lamartine, PhD,z and Miche`le T. Martin, PhD*
* Laboratory of Genomics and Radiobiology of Keratinopoiesis, CEA, DRF/IFJ/iRCM, INSERM/ UMR967, Universite´ Paris-Diderot, Universite´ Paris-Saclay, Evry, France; y Molecular Genetics Laboratory, Institut Bergonie´/INSERM U1218, Universite´ de Bordeaux, Bordeaux cedex, France; z Laboratory of Tissue Biology and Therapeutic Engineering, UMR5305 CNRS e Universite´ Lyon I, Lyon Cedex 07, France; x Genome Damage and Stability Centre, University of Sussex, Brighton, United Kingdom; and k CNRGH, Genome Institute, CEA, DRF/IFJ, Evry, France
Received Jan 9, 2018, and in revised form Apr 30, 2018. Accepted for publication May 20, 2018.