GSA’s Impact during Covid-19

First and foremost the GSA has kept an open line of communication with our members, volunteers, donors and the Gorlin syndrome community.  The GSA has offered: (all bp’s below will link to appropriate area on website)

  • Monthly virtual community groups
  • Private Facebook Group
  • FREE Virtual Conference
  • Town Hall Meeting
  • Covid-19 and Gorlin Syndrome information
    • UVC Light Precautions
    • Erivedge and Covid-19 Vaccine

The GSA is committed to continuing to provide support and advocacy on behalf of our members as well as our community at large.

GSA’s 2020 Accomplishments

While 2020 has been a challenge, the GSA is proud of our ability to meet the changing needs of our members during this

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GSA’s Mission

The GSA’s mission is to thoughtfully support, comprehensively educate, and aggressively seek the best treatments and a cure for those affected by Gorlin syndrome.

GSA Giving

We continue to support thousands in the Gorlin syndrome community throughout the pandemic.  Covid-19 has created many obstacles and unforeseen challenges in 2020.  The GSA has embraced this as an opportunity to increase our outreach in significant and impactful ways.  Our ability to provide meaningful connections, support, educational opportunities to our community, and work with pharmaceutical companies and researchers interested in finding better treatments is what the GSA is all about.  We encourage all who are able to give, to do so now to help the GSA continue to help during these unprecedented times and beyond.

Support Gorlin Syndrome Research and Education

Your donation helps GSA serve people with Gorlin syndrome.

Your donation to the Gorlin Syndrome Alliance supports our mission to help people affected by Gorlin syndrome while promoting research leading to better treatments and eventually a cure.

There are many ways you can donate to the Gorlin Syndrome Alliance. All size gifts help us serve the thousands of people with Gorlin syndrome in the U.S. and their families.

Donate online or by mail

Donate online here

Or, send your donation to:

Gorlin Syndrome Alliance
PO Box 4
Reading, PA 19607

Make it monthly
Make automatic, monthly donations through your debit or credit card. Choose the amount you want to give and the timeframe and we’ll take care of the rest.

Honor a loved one

Give the gift of a brighter future for people with Gorlin syndrome.

Matching gifts

Double or triple the size of your gift by participating in your employer’s matching gift program. Ask your HR department if your company matches employee charitable donations.

Make a planned gift

Donate to help GSA speed up the pace of Gorlin syndrome research.

Remember the Gorlin Syndrome Alliance in your will or make a gift of appreciated stocks. Call the GSA at (267) 689-6443 for more information.

United Way

Give to the Gorlin Syndrome Alliance by designating your workplace United Way contribution.

Host an event

Plan a grassroots event in your hometown to promote awareness of Gorlin syndrome in your community and raise much-needed funds for Gorlin syndrome research, education and patient support. Learn more about DIY fundraising.