The fourth annual Fall Smoke Out Truck and Tractor Pull on September 29, 2018 in Cadiz, OH, was a major success for raising awareness of the BCCNS Alliance and supporting its programs and services.

Zack Jones, cancer survivor and creator of the event, highlights a different form of cancer each year the event is held. And this year’s choice was skin cancer.
Addie Edwards, a member of the Alliance and affected with BCCNS, is a close friend of the Jones’ family and the reason basal cell carcinoma was included as one of this year’s beneficiaries. Addie and her family are huge advocates of the BCCNS Alliance, so it was only fitting that Addie be publicly recognized for her efforts by getting to ride in the tractor during the pull.
At the age of 14, Zack was diagnosed with undifferentiated embryonal sarcoma. While battling the vicious disease, he wanted to create an event that could help raise money in the fight against childhood cancer while also instilling hope for those who are going through the same battle. Through the help of his family and friends, the tractor pull was created and has been a major community event every year among this generous community.
The BCCNS Alliance is extremely grateful for being selected as a recipient for this year’s event. A big shout out to Addie and Amy Edwards for making this happen! The Alliance received $7,500 from the tractor pull in support of our mission. This donation will take us one step closer toward our vision to empower those with BCCNS to live rich, full, happy lives.