Virtual Meetings

The GSA is excited to offer quarterly virtual meetings! One of the most valuable services the GSA can provide is connections with others who truly understand the emotional and physical aspects of Gorlin Syndrome. And here they are… right from the comfort of your own home!

These virtual meetings are private, online communities for Gorlin syndrome patients and caregivers to connect, learn tips and tricks and share their story and experiences. It’s an opportunity to express yourself in the safety of a group who truly understand. Please see the schedule and registration below! It is our hope that you will leave these meetings with a sense of belonging to a larger community!

Men’s Virtual Meeting Schedule 2021:
Second Wednesday at 8PM EST:

Feb 10, May 12, Aug 11 & Nov 10

New to Gorlin Syndrome Virtual Meeting Schedule 2021:
Fourth Tuesday at 8 PM EST

Feb 23, May 25, Aug 24 & Nov 23

Parent’s Virtual Meeting:
Second Tuesday at 8 PM EST

Feb 9, May 11, Aug 10 & Nov 9

Women (Ages 30+) Virtual Meeting:
Third Tuesday at 8 PM EST

Feb 16, May 18, Aug 17 & Nov 16

Women (Ages 18 – 29) Virtual Meeting:
First Tuesday at 8 PM EST

Feb 2, May 4, Aug 3 & Nov 2

50+ Virtual Meeting Schedule 2021:
Thursdays at 8PM EST

February 25, May 27, August 25 and December 2