Get Support

You are not alone.

Having BCCNS is a challenging syndrome to navigate by yourself, so DON’T. The BCCNS Alliance is here to help and provide the best support and connections for you. Take a look – we’ve got support that you may not even know you want yet, until you discover how much the organization can be a meaningful part of your life.

Questions like…
What doctors should I see? How often should I get skin checks? How am I going to cope with this all my life? What’s in store for the future? How can I protect my child’s skin? Should I go on a drug? Why did this happen to me? Should I have children? And so many more…

Read about tips for managing your everyday life. Meet some of our members. Reach out to others through our Peer Connect Program. Attend one of our regional or national meetings. You don’t have to do this alone.