Honor A Loved One

Celebrate a major milestone or remember a loved one by dedicating your donation through our Tribute Program. The Gorlin Syndrome Alliance Tribute Program is a wonderful way to commemorate special moments like birthdays, holidays and weddings or remember a friend or loved one by making a donation in their memory.


Cover art by Vivian Weiss, a 6th grader with a heart as big as her home state of Texas. Vivian was diagnosed with Gorlin Syndrome at 5 years old. Vivian is now an advocate for herself, and helps direct treatments for the many BCCs and jaw cysts that are her norm. Most children and adults with Gorlin Syndrome face similar challenges. Vivian’s friends will tell you she is best known for her baking, stage performance and being “the sweetest kid in camp.”  


Cover art by Michelle “Jude” Mejia, a freshman at the Charleston County School of the Arts. Her passions include drama, hanging with her friends, and doing art. She’s an exceptional artist, with a sweet and warm personality, which you can see and feel through her cover artwork. Oh, and by the way, Jude just happens to have Gorlin Syndrome. 

The next time you want to send a card to your family member or friend, don’t buy a $5 card at the store.  Simply click on either link to donate your money to the Gorlin Syndrome Alliance and we’ll send the card for you! It’s a much more meaningful way to celebrate or memorialize a special occasion.  A minimum donation of $5 is required.