Do you want to take part in shaping the future?

Do you want to take part in shaping the future?

Courtesy of Camilla Krogh Lauritzen, Chief Patient Officer, Rare Diseases, LEO Pharma

At LEO Pharma, we know that people living with e.g. rare diseases are experts in their own right: They are indeed disease experience experts.

We also appreciate the relevance for us to listen and learn from this expert group, and that an increasing number of people living with rare diseases do want to be involved in decision-making that involves them. This includes wanting to share their insights and advise with e.g. manufacturers of new treatments such as LEO Pharma.

Consequently major educational initiatives such as EUPATI (click here) by the European Patients’ Forum (click here) have been put in place to allow disease experience experts to educate themselves in the basics around medicines Research and Development (R&D).

Moreover, pharmaceutical companies have started building initiatives that ensure disease experience experts may be included in the internal R&D processes (as has historically been the case for other external experts, such as medical doctors).

In August 2019 the rare disease unit at LEO Pharma launched a pioneering commitment and concept referred to as ‘Nothing About You Without You’ (click here); a commitment to listen to and take advise from disease experience experts, aka ‘patients’ and their immediate caregivers – spouses and parents. To facilitate and ensure this from the get-go the  (EPIC) initiative was developed.

EPIC is a mechanism that allows disease experience experts to serve as insight providers and advisors to LEO Pharma at the discretion of each individual EPIC member:

As an EPIC member, you are invited to take part of an international panel of disease experience experts. As part of this panel you will, on an ongoing basis, be offered concrete opportunities to educate and advise LEO Pharma employees. The latter are people responsible for defining or implementing Research and Development (R&D) activities that aim at the development of future solutions. In other words, you are offered an opportunity to shape the design of future treatments. The advice, insights and knowledge that you share with us are – to the greatest extend possible – incorporated and reflected in designing and implementing of LEO Pharma’s R&D activities.

Currently, we are looking to expand our EPIC initiative with around 30-40 people from across the world who have direct experience/live with Gorlin Syndrome, and a wish to share their insights and advice with us and our partner PellePharm in our joint mission to bring a new treatment for Gorlin Syndrome into life.

If you would like to learn more, please reach out to Lasse Funch Jacobsen at LEO Pharma on e-mail:

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