Current Clinical Trials

Consider participating in the CODY Trial today! CODY: A Study evaluating the safety and efficacy of QTORIN 3.9% Sirolimus Topical Gel for the prevention of Basal Cell Carcinomas (BCCs) in patients with Gorlin Syndrome.   If you are interred in learning more you can click HERE or please contact  Any contact made with the pharmaceutical company is not permitted and could impact the integrity of the trial.

Join a clinical trial and advance research into Gorlin syndrome

Clinical trials are key to finding better treatments for the symptoms of Gorlin syndrome.

Across the U.S., researchers are hard at work looking for better treatments and perhaps a cure for Gorlin syndrome. Clinical trials play a critical role in this process to bring new therapies and treatments to market. A clinical trial is a research study done with people to see if a new treatment, therapy or medication works as expected.

Why participate in a clinical trial?

Clinical trials not only benefit research, they benefit the people with Gorlin syndrome who participate.

Clinical trials offer many participants with Gorlin syndrome the following:

  • The chance for early access to certain treatments and therapies before they are widely available
  • Regular monitoring from a health care provider or medical team
  • The opportunity to advance Gorlin syndrome research and help thousands of others with this disease

How to participate in a clinical trial

Start by signing up to receive clinical trial notices from the Gorlin Syndrome Alliance. We’ll send you information about clinical trials related to Gorlin syndrome in your area.

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Our industry partners are currently recruiting people with Gorlin syndrome to participate in their research. Learn more about these studies. is a database of clinical trials being conducted around the world for all different disease types. You can search for trials specifically for Gorlin syndrome or for a particular symptom or manifestation.


Don’t forget to ask your provider for recommendations of clinical trials in your area.